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The All New 85mm Circular Spacer Is Here

The popular 75mm Concrete Spacer has been a hit, and we heard you when you needed  a bigger option! The wait is over – introducing the all-new 85mm Concrete Spacer! Crafted with precision and the strictest construction standards in mind, this versatile spacer is ideal for various applications, such as column cage spacing, pile cage spacing, trench bar supports, and civil precast construction. 

Two locking tabs that guarantee stability. No more circular spacers that fall off when lowering the cage!

Just like the 75mm Circular Spacer the new 85mm version is designed to fit bar sizes between 12-20mm. 

In-built spacer inserts to downsize the hole in the center, keeping the wheel super-snug whilst lowering the cage.

Built strong, with robust features such as 3mm wall thickness and the meatiest spokes going!