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Welcome To Castle

The quick and easy way to obtain a quote, find new products, locate a stockist & experience the atmosphere of a team that is creating innovation of plastic product for the twenty-first century. We are pleased to announce that we are well known as New Zealand’s leading supplier of quality plastic products for the construction industry. Whether it be bar chairs, packing shims, circular spacers, safety caps or other plastic accessories, we lead because we are passionate about caring for our customers and believe in the practice of constant improvement, this is why we value your feedback!

The Castle Profile

The principal activity of the Castle team is providing cutting edge innovation in concrete accessories for the twenty-first century.
Our vision and guiding values are set out below.

Our Vision

“For every person that comes in contact with our organisation, we see as an opportunity to share ideas and provide a brilliant solution”

Our Mission

“Brilliance Shared”
Building relationships with staff, suppliers & customers with respect, honesty, trustworthiness & integrity.

Company Values

Here at PSI we promote a culture of peer support, respect and compassion. To celebrate achievements, share ideas and care for what surrounds us.


Stand up for your team, treat them respectfully and encourage their potential.


Recognize the good stuff that gets done, celebrate wins big and small.


Have an open mind, give it a go, include your team to develop brilliance.


Sort, shine and standardize. Unclutter your space for a ‘struggle free’ environment.

Service Guarantee

A project completed on time as you or your customer has planned is essential to keep your life and your contracts running smoothly, safely and efficiently. To ensure this support, Castle has implemented a unique Service Guarantee, which spells out our commitment to prompt customer service for our customers. We have invested in large stocks of all our products and providing that your order is in our hands before 3pm we’ll pack your order & have it dispatched same day! Should you have a more urgent requirement than this our fully trained team are taking calls till 5pm and will do our best to pack & dispatch the products to keep you going.


When you’re dealing with Castle you know that our commitment to sustainability is one that has been around for a while, in fact since we started. The impact our products have on the environment has always been in our interest and we are committed to actively managing our growth and production techniques to give you a clean and green selection.

Our History

Castle began manufacturing Bar Chairs in Palmerston North, New Zealand, in 1988 with a clear focus to respond to market demand and become known as New Zealand’s most trusted and reliable supplier of Plastic Concrete Accessories. Following on from a spread to different locations of manufacture through increased demand we consolidated all processes in 2004 under one roof – Polymer Systems International Ltd in Napier.

15 Thames Street, Pandora Napier 4110 | 0800 55 33 00