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Castle has teamed up with The Hotel Weka, to assist them with their exciting new end to end recycling program for NZ hotels. Saving the 1000’s of hotel toiletry bottles that end up in our landfills and turning them into something permanent.
After 12 months of trials, research and development, we have successfully managed to recycle them into our bar chairs.
A solution for one of the biggest areas of plastic waste for NZ hotels.


The used shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles from the hotels and resorts are cleaned, dried and ground up. They are then mixed into our recycled material used for our ground chairs and processed through our injection moulding machines into bar chairs.

Don’t worry, our chairs are still super strong! This process actually enhances the strength and durability of our bar chairs. Initial testing has achieved enhanced strength of over 3 x the already impressive current load ratings.


Rydges Hotels & Resorts and QT Hotels & Resorts (Event Hotels) were the first to jump on board The Weka Hotels program. All 1379 guest rooms will now be recycling their toiletries with the end to end recycling program.


Millbrook Resort Queenstown is another hotel to quickly sign up for The Weka Hotels program. All 180 guest rooms will now be recycling their toiletries with the end to end recycling program.



New Zealand has a unique native flightless bird known for its furtive curiosity. Scurrying around picking up scraps and rubbish to build new things. The Hotel Weka’s unique recycling service for hotels is similar; picking up scraps and making them into something new and useful.


If you know someone who might be interested in getting involved with The Hotel Weka’s recycling program, make sure to let them know. Forward them this email or see link below.

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