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The G50/65 from Castle has followed in the tracks of the recent rebuild of the ever popular G75/90. Having initiated a bunch of design improvements on the ground chair we achieved impressive load rating improvements. Recently applying the same modifications to the G50/65 Ground Barchair we have gained an impressive load tolerance of 120kg+.

NZ Standards Call for barchairs to meet minimum requirements of 60kg point loading, well when you stick a steel swinging ‘New Zealander’ on top of that the poor chair doesn’t have a chance! The last thing you want when you are pouring your concrete slab is for chairs to collapse, that’s why Castle spends its resources on creating the best product for the NZ Market.

Lets look at the stats.

Take a little look at these graphs here, the first graph shows us the results of the Barchair G50/65 coming under test with 8mm bar and with a 16mm bar. These graphs both plot the load rating in 10kg increments to fail point, the smaller bar 8mm takes up to 120kg while with a greater spread loading with the 16mm bar we achieve right up to 230kg point load. makes sense eh! So the greater the spec of steel you are placing, the better the chair handles it.

Likewise for the G75/90 we achieve comparatively 140 & 180kg point load ratings.

Make sure you choose the correct spacing of chair centers to suit your steel application, see Castle Optimum Spacing recommendation here.

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Simon – MPT concrete called us and wanted a barchair to take much heavier loads than a standard barchair, he was placing 11 Tonne of Steel onto a 15x30m area; 450m2. Simon wanted something that would take the weight. The team at Castle let him know of the new design improvements but Simon was somewhat skeptical still so we crunched the numbers: Worst case scenario you have 110kg of placer standing on one chair it only leaves you a balance of 10kg load rating to allow for steel (min 120kg load rated). 11T / 10kg = 1100. Castle recommended chair spacings at 500mm centers Simon could see this was different.

Satisfied MPT took 1500 G50/65 chairs for the job and were overwhelmed at the success; a scorching hot January day and 11 tonnes of steel putting these chairs to the test: ‘0’ failure! Needless to say Simon was stoked with the outcome and was back for more on the very next job.

Those hot months of summer will cause the plastic to soften this is why we have cranked the load ratings up with Castle barchairs, the last thing you need is chair failure in your pour.

“a scorching hot January day and 11 tonnes of steel putting these chairs to the test: ‘0’ failure! Needless to say Simon was stoked”.

Castle G50/65 come in bags of 100 and have been the first choice for major civil contractors around New Zealand since 1988.

Made in Hawke’s Bay New Zealand by Recycled and reprocessed Plastics, Castle products are the eco friendly choice for a sustainable industry.

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