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You’ve got it, we’ve given the shim packs a birthday. Following market feedback and customer demand we’ve done away with the old ‘loose-in-a-bag’ style and taken this packaging to a whole new level.


  • SHIM01  |  1mm Shim – RED.        |   x100/Pack
  • SHIM03  |  3mm Shim – BLUE.      |   x100/Pack
  • SHIM06  |  6mm Shim – GREEN.   |   x50/Pack
  • SHIM10  |  10mm Shim – BLACK.  |   x50/Pack
  • SHIMPK  |  Mixed Shim Pack.       |    x35/Pack

Whether you currently use the shim packs or not you’ll be interested to see the ‘Handy Packers’ – mixed pack has seen ‘New Life’ too!

The ‘Handy Packers’ come with a mix of 10,6,3 & 1mm packers for small jobs or DIY jobs, essential accessory to have in your Tradie van.