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KLONK Concrete Spacer 65mm / 75mm K6575


Packet of 54.
Suits Bar: up to 40mm
Tie on.

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The design specifics of our KLONK Concrete Spacer 65mm / 75mm Cover

KLONK concrete spacers are designed with the user and highest construction standards in mind.

Spacers, also known as cover blocks, provide the specified concrete cover to the reinforcement used in Civil Construction both before and during concreting. These K6575 concrete spacers support high compression loads and include a hole for tie-wire attachment. Manufactured from fiber concrete suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications i.e: slabs, beams, columns, walls, etc. KLONK spacers meet AU and NZ standards: AS/NZS 2425.

Require maximum MPA for your casting or pre-stressed pour?:

Concrete spacers require the strength to exceed the concrete load being poured. That’s why KLONK concrete spacers exceed 70 MPa strength.

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