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Garage Tiles


Revitalise any space with the Castle range of interlocking floor tiles. Meticulously crafted from 100% recycled plastic right here in New Zealand. Popular in garages, workshops, factories, warehouses, and beyond, these tiles offer unparalleled floor protection and boy do they look good!

When you choose Castle Garage Tiles you’ll also be bidding farewell to dampness, dust, and unsightly stains effortlessly by simply laying these tiles over existing hard surfaces, granting you a seamless upgrade without the hassle.



Tailor these tiles to fit your unique space effortlessly as they interlock seamlessly without the need for adhesives, ensuring a snug fit while maintaining a 5mm expansion gap around the perimeter.

Engineered for resilience, these tiles are both movable and reusable, crafted to endure the demanding environments of garages and workshops. Featuring an anti-slip design and fortified resistance against oils, grease, and impacts, these 5mm thick tiles breathe instant rejuvenation into any worn-out area.

Key Features:

  • Industrial-grade interlocking design engineered for garage floors
  • Each pack efficiently covers 3 square meters with 12 tiles (use our handy calculator below to get your exact measurement)
  • Suitable for garages, workshops, factories, warehouses, and more
  • Instant upgrade for dusty, damp, or stained floors
  • 5mm thickness with a raised coin anti-slip pattern for enhanced safety
  • Trim-to-fit feature with interlocking, zero-adhesive design for effortless customisation
  • Safeguards subfloors from wear and damage
  • Proudly made in New Zealand from recycled plastic container seals
  • Supported by a robust 1-year warranty for peace of mind.


  • Dimensions: L 50cm x W 50cm x H 5mm
  • Quantity: 12 tiles per pack
  • Coverage: 3 square meters
  • Material: Heavy-duty recycled TPE
  • Carton Size: L 50cm x W 50cm x H 6cm
  • Weight: 9.9kg